Sebastian Vettel Puts a Ferrari FXXK to the Test

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 14th, 2016


Sebastian Vettel’s driving excellence is undeniable in Formula One. As a four-time world champion, he is the third most successful driver in F1 history. At his youthful age, he still has a lot of racing ahead of him. Now under the Ferrari brand, he might be on a course to continue breaking records, or at least we hope so.

Signing with Formula One’s Team Ferrari has it’s perks. You are now racing for one of the premiere teams in the sport, and you have the opportunity to drive some amazing cars coming out of the Italian automaker’s factory. The latest is their all new FXX K, and Vettel was invited to Ferrari’s test track to put the FXX K to it’s paces. Being the decorated driver that he is, driving the FXX K to the limits should be a simple task. But I’m sure even though Vettel is coming from driving a Formula One car, the FXX K should still be a thrilling drive.

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