Scion Teases New iM Concept For LA Auto Show

Posted by: Kenny Chan onOctober 22nd, 2014


The 2014 LA Auto Show is about a month away and Scion has given us a sneak peak at their new iM concept they will be unveiling this year. Sporty is the theme of this new concept car which at first glance doesn’t look too outrageously “concepty”. I can see the LEDs in the lower front fascia disappearing or being toned down but otherwise it looks somewhat production ready.

Scion says the iM Concept car reflects the evolution of Scion as the needs and desires of its youthful customers are evolving, so will the iM herald a move for Scion to offer more than just bare bones sportiness as their buyers age? I thought the goal was for them to have their mature buyers move into Toyota and Lexus vehicles?

We have a side angle of the Scion iM after the break but stay tuned for more news on the iM concept, or hit up instagram and check out the #iMdriven hashtag to follow the conversation.

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