Scion Brand to be Discontinued

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 4th, 2016


When Toyota created the Scion brand, the company’s mission was to create unique vehicles that attracted young buyers. At its peak, in 2006, over 173,000 Scions were sold in America. By 2015, annual sales numbers have dropped to 56,167. With sales numbers drying up, the next logical move for Toyota is to abandon the Scion brand altogether.

The latest release from Toyota said that it will discontinue the xB and the xD models with no plans to bring in replacements for either. However, Scion’s iQ and FR-S is still slated for production albeit they will probably both be wearing a Toyota badge when they hit the showroom floor.

The slumping sales of today’s Scion brand doesn’t tell the true story of the company. The brand, specifically their xB offering created a cult following across all age groups and appealing to the daily driver and to the modifying enthusiasts alike. The brand did achieve it’s mission to attract a younger target market, but Scions history also shows that customer brand loyalty to Toyota is even stronger.

So now we say good bye to a relatively short lived Scion brand, but maybe it’s legacy will live on just under Toyota’s branding.

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