Scion Booth Tour – SEMA 2014

Posted by: Kenny Chan onNovember 5th, 2014


We already covered three of the FR-Ses, FR-S’? FR-Ss? in yesterday’s Scion Tuner Challenge but they did have one other FR-S. The blue FR-S T1 built by Jeremy Lookofsky of Cartel Customs completed the FR-S collection at Scion. The two tone targo top FR-S was actually pretty clean and would’ve held it’s own in the Scion tuner challenge.

Another car was the slayer themed TC that was really well done with airbrushed logos and skulls, suicide doors and Billet Slayer sword blade wheels with a spike for a center cap and of course there is a 32″ TV in the trunk. The Slayer tC was a favorite of Rebecca Garcia, the 2014 Maxim magazine hometown hottie winner who was at the Scion booth. Check after the break for a shot of Rebecca Garcia :)

The xB was represented with a 1970s retro styled build. Built by Scott Kanemura of KMA productions, the xB was inspired by a skateboarder Riley Hawk. The vehicle features both old and new: wood-grain decor, sha carpet, an 8-track player and a pioneer sound system that has the ability to play guitar through the audio system. Of course, with the skateboard theme, the xB is equipped with an INNO rack system designed to store skateboards.


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