Scion Booth Tour – SEMA 2012

Posted by: Kenny Chan onNovember 9th, 2012

The Scion booth at SEMA was pretty hard to find if you didn’t have a floorplan because everywhere you looked there was an FR-S or BRZ. The Scion FR-S was named the Hottest Sport Compact at SEMA and judging by how many tuners chose the sporty compact as their platform it’s a well deserved award.

During my initial visit to the booth the Ken Stout Racing Inc. FR-S Race Car was still covered up. The team will be piloting the FR-S in the Pirelli World Challenge GTS class in 2013 with Robert Stout behind the wheels.

Within the sea of them at the show, this custom widebody FR-S by Cartel Customs really caught my eye. It had no roof and was slammed right to the ground with AccuAir suspension system (which was a pretty slick system that comes with an iOS app that gives the owner a myriad of controls over how their ride sits).

The Meguiar’s yellow FR-S was a nice clean build and those with sharp eyes will notice the Forgeline center lock conversion.

Evasive Motorsports and Fatlace each built a race-inspired cars that would be right at home sharing a track with the KSR race car above. The Evasive Motorsports car is actually running the first HKS supercharger for the FR-S. Not shown in the pictures is an air socket on the back bumper used to lift the vehicle off the ground with the built in jacks. So awesome. The Fatlace FR-S is also supercharged but it is running a Vortech blower and is rocking a T.R.A. Kyoto Rocket Bunny bodykit. It just looks awesome in person. I’m really hoping someone is building one here in Calgary.

Rounding out the collection of FR-S at the Scion booth were the three Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge cars built by Chris Basselgia (green), John Toca (beige) and Daniel Song (Carbon Dinoc wrapped). We’ll take a closer look at these three vehicles in a future blog post but Chris Basselgia took home the top prize of $10,000 with his Minty FReSh Scion FR-S. John Toca came in second and Daniel Song came in third.

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