Rolls Royce Grand Sanctuary Concept

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 8th, 2016


Rolls Royce, a brand that exudes luxury and class, generally makes a pointed statement when they introduce new vehicles. More specifically, they don’t tease buyers pallets with concepts, rather they introduce new vehicles as they are designed so consumers can take in all their glory in one shot.

For the first time, Rolls Royce is following in the footsteps of its parent company BMW and will be taking part in a concept reveal with the primary purpose to show the public what their design thoughts will be over the next 100 years. BMW recently revealed their Vision Next 100 concept, and others from the company will follow.

Rolls Royce will use their concept as a platform to showcase next level design and concepts for car interior. From ergonomically designed interiors that doesn’t sacrifice looks, to mastering new materials which aren’t commonly used for interior cabins, the Rolls Royce concept will push the imagination to the next level.

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