Revwerks Autocross #3 at Crossiron Mills

Posted by: Kenny Chan onAugust 13th, 2012

calgary autocross

This past weekend Revwerks held their third autocross/drifting event at the Crossiron Mills parking lot. Dozens of enthusiasts from the Calgary area came out to get some of that need for speed out of their system while the more seasoned autocrossers tweaked their cars throughout the day to shave a few more tenths of a second off their times. If you have not been to one of these events and are interested, registration is normally $100 for the day and that includes refreshments and hot food (hotdogs and burgers).

If you just wanted to go and watch, there is no charge for spectators so come on down and check it out before you do some shopping. Here are a few pictures from the last event:

Photo Credit: Kenny Chan

calgary drifting

calgary solo2

calgary auto cross and drifting

alberta autocross

alberta drifting

More pictures in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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