Review: 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMay 2nd, 2014


Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe was not only lucky enough to be invited by Ferrari to wring out the LaFerrari at Ferrari’s Fiarano test track but he was the first driver in the first session to hit the track and as he sat in the car before leaving the garage to hit the track he was literally shaking with excitement. I suppose I would be the same if I were given the chance to pilot the nearly 1000 horsepower machinery around the track. In fact, my video review would probably consist of me just screaming “THIS IS AMAZING!” over and over again–likely laced with some profanity. Perhaps this is why I am not on Ferrari’s list?

I suppose I could demonstrate my car review prowess by writing an imaginary LaFerrari review to earn my stripes but I think I’ll just stick to reading reviews (imaginary and real world) as well as catching video reviews of the LaFerrari like this one.

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