Return of the Track Car

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onJuly 9th, 2014

When Race City closed down in the fall of 2011, many purpose-built track cars lost their purpose. Cars that were terrible to drive on the roads but excelled on a power track such as Race City were left sitting on backyards and driveways, waiting for the day when a new track opens, allowing them to stretch their legs once more. Beyond’s co-founder, Kenny Chan, owns one of these track cars, where the car existed solely to lap the road course as fast as possible.

This Civic had quite the journey getting to where it is today. In its original configuration, it was a bare bones 1992 Civic Hatchback shell, completely stripped down, with a B18B1 Integra LS motor. Back then several Beyonders, including myself, were at the forefront of Honda tuning. Loaded with 94 octane fuel, a cold air intake, and an open exhaust, I was able to squeeze out 175hp out of the motor with some aggressive tuning. The car was making a name for itself on the drag strip, easily beating out 200hp Hondas with the ITR engine thanks to its low weight and excellent launch control system.

Version 2 of the car brought on a turbo kit, a suspension overhaul with new Eibach springs, Koni shocks, and every strut and sway bar we could get our hands on to stiffen the car up. I spent a lot of time on back highways setting up the car; tweaking the alignment and adjusting the shock settings every weekend to ensure the car handled perfectly on every corner we threw at it. It was dialed in very aggressively for a front wheel drive car, with a tendency to oversteer as it reached the cornering limits (more on that shortly).

Despite all the suspension work, it was the turbo kit that really brought the car to life. Built and installed by Corey (Legendboy), the little 1.8L 4 banger was able to pump out a whopping 370hp. At only 2000lbs, due to a lack of any sound deadening or interior, the Civic was now a proper track machine. It may look like a piece of shit, but it had a better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari 458.

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