Red Light Runner Gets Criminal Record

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJune 3rd, 2008

Here’s a warning to anyone that is going to fight a traffic ticket themselves in court. A Calgary woman ran a red light by Chinook Center more than four years ago. Yesterday, she was handed a 6 month conditional sentence and a criminal record for two counts of perjury. Judith Measor had lied in traffic court twice by answering “no” when asked if she had any previous traffic tickets and again when asked if she was previously known as Judith Prentner.

So, let this be a lesson. If you’re busted running a red light, then pay the $287 ticket and learn to stop next time you see the lights changing. If you’re going to fight the ticket, hire somebody like pointts because it sure beats having a criminal record when you screw up.

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  1. You left out a key lesson in traffic court, other courts, and maybe life in general: Don’t lie. Hiring a lawyer for traffic court is good too though.

  2. Kenny Chan says:

    Yes, I forgot that part!

  3. […] he has his day in court is wrong. Even the judge agrees. I’m all for bad drivers getting the punishment they deserve, but this new street racing law accomplishes nothing other than revenue […]