RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Eh? 993 Is First RWB in Canada

Posted by: Kenny Chan onFebruary 9th, 2013

The first Canadian Rauh Welt was just completed at a North Vancouver shop, Scan Automotive by the legendary Porsche builder Nakai-san of RAUH-Welt. One of the design philosophies of all RWB built Porsches is that they not only need to look good, but also be very driveable. This is evident with the huge rubber like front lip that hangs down to absorb all the impacts the rough Vancouver roads will deliver.

This RWB 993 features the signature ultra wide rear fenders and matching ultra wide wheels all completed with a great color scheme. The blueish -purple, blurple? paint goes really well with the gold and polished lip wheels. It’s refreshing to see builds with some actual color nowadays where builders are choosing to go with matte paint, or stick to safer colors like black, white and grey. To help fill in the wide fenders, the rear wheels have a lip that’s wide enough to place a large Tim Hortons coffee cup. Around back is a new rear wing design for 2013 inspired by the 935 Porsche factory race car.

Looking to build your own RAUH-Welt? Nakai San will gladly come build you one, give him a call and invite him over. Frankly, I’m surprised it has taken so long for one to be built here in Canada. When will we see another?

Update: If you’re wondering how driveable the RWB993 is, check out this video of Nakai San having some fun after the build was completed.

Source: Scan Automotive, Rauh-WELT

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