Proof that Car & Driver Is In Bed With BMW

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJune 4th, 2008

I’m sure you have all read countless comparisons of the GT-R vs. every other car in the world and whether you like the Nissan’s latest sports car or not, the truth is, the GT-R slaughters much of its competition.

That is, until Car & Driver released their latest comparo pitting the GT-R against a Porsche 911, and a BMW M3. The Car & Driver test drivers chose the M3 as the winner in the comparison citing the fact that it is a more practical package that both the 911 and GT-R.

A naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V-8 can’t deliver the massive torque of the blown sixes, but the M3 delivers its 414 horsepower in a linear and consistent manner from idle to its 8300-rpm redline. No lurching, no drama, no sudden explosions of boost. And the sound the BMW V-8 makes is due a Grammy. It’s a V-8 note not often heard outside racetracks, while the Nissan and the Porsche both sound as though they could wear a Dyson label.

The author is quick to point out that the M3 is the cheapest of the three, and near the end when explaining why the M3 is the best of the trio, he again mentions the M3 was able to offer the “hassle-free” performance at a price that undercuts the GT-R. Seriously, the M3 is only about $6,000 cheaper than the GT-R. I could see this argument being made if the price difference was similar to the price gap between the GT-R and the 911 (the 911 in the comparison was about twice as much as the GT-R) but a difference of $6,000 on a $70,000+ car is peanuts especially when $6,000 buys an ass whopping.

In this group of radical cars, the M3 emerged quickly as the voice of reason. The extremist voices of the Porsche and the GT-R are just not present in the M3. It never shouts, utters complaints, or makes any unbecoming demands. Road and tire noise are subdued, the fabric-covered seats are perfect, and there is a back seat and a real trunk.

In my mind, I have always thought that car magazines were paid off by car manufacturers. There has never been any solid evidence and I chalked it up to the differences being small and subjective that would allow a comparison to sway in anyones favor (ex. C32 vs E46 M3 and C63 vs E92 M3). In a comparison of sports cars, who would suggest that the car that was most practical would win?

Whats next? Throw in a Toyota Prius into a sports car comparo and say that the Prius is the best because it had the best mileage? Car & Driver FTL!

Oh and if you want a translation of the article, hit up this analysis on our forums:
M3 Beats GT-R and 911 Turbo

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  3. JP says:

    Porsche’s exhaust sounds like it could wear a Dyson label? Never heard a 911 turbo before, but I highly doubt it.

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