Project Black Series: Satin Wrap Timelapse

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onApril 23rd, 2012

The first “mod” of any of our project cars is a full wrap to protect the brand new paint. We’ve had quite a bit of success with the XPEL Stealth product in our CLK Black Series that we decided to do it all over again for the CBS. Our car was optioned with Obsidian Black metallic paint, and with the matte clear paint protection film, it creates a Satin finish due to the metallic flakes reflecting back from under the film.

Thanks to the team over at Shadow Tinting, they meticulously wrapped the entire car, 3M’d all carbon fibre pieces, and added window protection film to the huge glass roof. They allowed us to setup our cameras to capture everything, so we ended up with a timelapse video showing off the entire process. 30 hours of work, compressed down to 3 mins.

The color is not exactly easy to capture on camera, but we were able to get pretty close with our impromptu photoshoot inside the Shadow Tinting bay. Take a close look at the tail lights, our car was fitted with an experimental matte tint from Shadow Tinting, which creates a diffused glow when the brakes are applied, without affecting brightness at all.

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