Profiling vs. Common Sense

Posted by: Mike Hoyles onDecember 27th, 2009

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab; and no, I’m not mashing keys together. That is the name of the wet, flapping douchebag pictured here. Say hi.

Umar Detroit Bomber

This slimy sack of shit tried to detonate an explosive device that he literally hid in his underwear, and only for the vigilance of other passengers was he unsuccessful.

Media reports, quoting federal investigators, say that the bomb packet contained 80 grams of the explosive chemical PETN, sewn into the briefs of Abdulmutallab. His attempted detonator? A syringe filled with acid. A combination of the two could have been powerful enough to blow a hole straight through the side of the plane, sealing the fate of every person on board.

Face facts. People are stupid. Religion and “beliefs” will continue to be a plaguing factor well into the lives of our grandchildren’s children. However, my sincerest hope is that common sense will prevail at some point and people will can the “political correctness” bullshit and give us a fucking break. Stereotypes perpetuate because, in a nutshell, they’re usually true, again and again. That’s how they became “stereotypes”…

In my lifetime, I have seen with my own two eyes, a senior citizen (who I estimate was LATE into his 80s) pulled aside due to being in a wheelchair and searched by airport authorities like a pack of wolves looking for meat. I get that the chair needs to be checked out, but they really went to town on this guy. He’s like 87 years old, can’t walk, and poses zero threat to anybody – as he would undoubtedly consider himself lucky to still have a heartbeat by the time the plane landed.

While security are examining the shit out of people like poor old Mr. Magoo, fucking Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab…uhlasdojfbagofshit goes through without question, and trots on the plane with a crotch full of explosives. Here is a guy with a name longer than the goddamn interstate, traveling alone, and to top it all off, without a motherfucking passport! (Seriously.)

At the risk of sounding like a SlapChop commercial, that’s not all, there’s more! A quote from a recent release [with editor brackets cleverly placed where subtle clarification is necessary]:

“CIA and [fucking useless] U.S. officials had [zero] intelligence before Christmas that [the always entertaining] al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen were talking about a [dumb shit] Nigerian being prepared for an attack [by blowing up his kibbles on a plane], according to reports.”

Super. So this guy fit EVERY imaginable profile, did not have a passport, traveling alone and was even on the CIA and US officials “watch list” (ie: “do-not-put-on-a-fucking-airplane” list), and Abdulmutallab STILL made it onto a plane – due to the risk of racial profiling by airport officials, no doubt. Right? I mean, why scan a single, young, colored, male, Nigerian, muslim, flying alone, without a passport… when you could be searching Mr. Magoo’s colonoscopy bag for clues?

The CIA/FBI need to follow up with the Amsterdam airport authority and the officials who let this shitsack through, as nobody can be that stupid unintentionally and it is more than likely an inside job. *Hint fuckity hint*


If you respectfully disagree with anything mentioned above, please note that Abdulmutallab is being held in a federal prison in Michigan and is suffering from severe pecker burns in the bombing attempt. I will happily FedEx you some cortisone cream and help try to arrange an appointment for you to clarify any issues directly with Umar.

A quote was taken from an online posting of Abdulmutallab, reading: “I have no one to speak too, no one to consult, no one to support me and I feel depressed and lonely. I do not know what to do. And then I think this loneliness leads me to other problems.”

(The cortisone should be an icebreaker.)

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