Porsche Recalls 800,000 SUV for Brake Pedal

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMarch 28th, 2016


Volkswagen and the Porsche group has issued a recall for approximately 800,000 Touaregs and Cayenne SUVs globally. The issue has been identified as a faulty component on the brake pedal assembly, specifically a circlip that could potentially come loose on the bearing bracket for the pedals. Currently, 391,000 Touaregs and 409,477 Cayennes with a build date between 2011 and 2016 are impacted by the recall.

If the circlip comes loose, the brake pedal could possibly lose its functionality. No accidents or deaths have been linked to the recall at this time. Owners of impacted vehicles are urged to contact their local dealership for more information.

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