Porsche Panamera Hybrid May be a Turbo Killer

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 6th, 2016


Porsche all new Panamera Turbo is an tremendously capable four door family car that is not only great for hauling around the family and some groceries, but it’ll also stick you into the back of the seat with it’s performance. However, it looks like Porsche has something up their sleeves which will leave even the Turbo Panamera in the dust. That task will be left to a hybrid Panamera which will leverage technology you already see in Porsche’s supercar the 918 Spyder.

The news isn’t hush hush about the hybrid Porsche as the automaker stated this fact at the Panamera’s debut recently. The hybrid will be no slouch and likely produce somewhere in the 700hp range. This is a great leap in power above the Panamera Turbo S which currently pumps out around 580hp. Porsche also stated that there will be two hybrid models to come, but has only mentioned the 700hp version so far. That’s leaving us speculating what monster of a Panamera are they going to release in the future.

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