Porsche Macan Debut Leads To Best Ever Monthly Sales

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJune 4th, 2014


Back when everyone was worried about the y2k bug that was to shutdown the entire world’s computer systems, Porsche was prepping to do the unthinkable. They were just about to announce plans to build an SUV. The sports car company was going to build a truck. The Porsche faithful were up in arms over the launch of the Cayenne but the decision to do so likely saved Porsche and may be the only reason they are still building the beloved 911s. Fast forward a decade and talks began on the design and production of yet another SUV to wear the Porsche badge. The Porsche Macan was launched to cater to demand for crossovers.

Porsche certainly nailed it with their strategy to introduce the smaller crossover to their expanding lineup, at least based on initial sales figures. The Macan, with 1263 vehicles sold in May, was just shy of being Porsche’s top selling model, falling just 31 vehicles short of the Cayenne (1294). For comparison, Porsche sold 864 911s during the same time frame. In fact, Macan sales were so good they helped pushed Porsche to achieve their highest ever monthly sales with 4609 total vehicles.

“With retail sales of well over 1,200 Macan in just two weeks our fifth model line has made good on its initial promise to make an impact in the compact SUV segment”, observed Detlev von Platen, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “It is equally gratifying that the two-door sports cars and Panamera are continuing their strong sales performance with being ahead of last year’s five-month totals while demand for Cayenne still outstrips supply,” he added.

We’ll have to see if the high sales volume will continue for the Macan but for those that complain about the Cayenne and Macan sullying the Porsche name, just remember that without these two vehicles there may not be a 911 for you to lust after.

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