Porsche Cayenne Coupe Spied

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 9th, 2016


It seems like all manufacturers today are getting into the SUV game. And for those who have been in it for a while, they’ve dabbled into the cross over space. So it’s not surprising that Porsche is trying something new with their Cayenne and created a coupe version of the SUV. The vehicle does have a sleeker profile with the sloped roof line.

Testing photos have made their way onto the internet that show’s Porsche’s new car without much camo to hide away what there are designing. On the outside is where most of the changes to the Cayenne is happening. While the inside, specifically in the engine compartment, things will likely stay close to what we already know.

Development of the new car will continue to move forward and we’ll likely get more details from Porsche when the release date of the vehicle gets closer. For now, we know that a refreshed Cayenne is up and coming, so the coupe version will more than likely come with the next set of major updates for the Cayenne.

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