Porsche 918 Gets Recalled

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 14th, 2016


When you are traveling at the speeds that the 918 is capable of doing, whether in the straight or around the corners, you would hope that your seat belts are going to keep you firmly planted in your seat. This is even more critical should something goes sideways at those speeds. But regardless of how expensive your car is, it’s not immune to a product recall.

Porsche is issuing a recall on the 918 Spyder as a result of incorrect bolts in the seat belt assemblies. The confusion came about as a results of a mislabeled part from the vehicle’s build parts catalogue which resulted in incorrect bolts being used in the seatbelt assembly. With the incorrect bolts in place, the seat belts might not function as it should, therefore, Porsche issued a recall to fix all affected vehicles.

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