Pictures from Driven 2012 Calgary

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJune 11th, 2012
Beyond Booth at Driven 2012

Beyond Booth at Driven 2012

Was it the rainy weather during the weekend? The fact that Driven did not make a stop in Calgary for 2011? Tuners in Calgary looking for a great excuse to show off their hard work? Whatever the reason, Driven 2012 was packed with some amazing builds from all the shops, clubs and individuals. The show was buzzing all day and everyone we talked to said they had an amazing time this weekend. The line-up to see the Driven 2012 feature model Dannie Riel did not let up all day, those sharpies definitely got a workout!

Jennifer Nguyen in Calgary

A big thank you to everyone that came out to support the show especially the illmotion team for putting on such a huge collection of crazy cars and raising money for charity with merchandise sales! Congratulations to all the winners. We know you don’t put all that hard work into your rides for a car show trophy, but its always good to get some official recognition! Keep it up and I think it safe to say everyone is looking forward to what we’ll see next time these rides are shown off.

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