Performance Redefined: Nissan GTR

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onAugust 20th, 2014

But how does it drive? There’s really no surprise when it comes to the GTR. There’s power everywhere, with minimal lag, pulling hard even if you’re in the wrong gear. The sound of the upgraded exhaust system is simply intoxicating. The volume isn’t overbearing and the tone is very mechanical without any rasp, with a bit of a natural echo. It’s almost like you’re driving through a perpetual tunnel. It sounds that good.

With the transmission in manual mode, you struggle to hit the proper shift points pushing the GTR for the first time as it takes a while for your brain to catch up to how fast it runs through the rev range in each gear. In no time, the car is travelling at triple digit speeds. The auto mode works wonders, the gearbox not only knows exactly what gear it should be in, but what gear YOU want it to be in. If I could read minds as well as the GTR, I wouldn’t be a divorcee.

If you value your driver’s license, finding the upper limit of adhesion on the streets is quite difficult, even in stock form. This GTR has front tires as wide as the factory rears, while out back the 12” wide wheels are wrapped in Pilot Super Sports tires specially designed by Michelin for the Porsche Carrera GT. Measuring 335mm in width, the rear tires are a combined 100mm wider. Steamrollers indeed.

The grip level is ridiculous, I had to lay down full throttle power out of a slow corner to even get a hint of a wiggle from the rear end, while the computers did everything to ensure that my line remained unchanged and forward propulsion uninterrupted. There’s so little drama and so little effort required on my part, I bet I could run a 9/10ths lap at a track one-handed. My only complaint with my drive was that Nick had the GTR set up in anticipation of a track day up North in a few weeks, so the suspension was setup a little too stiff for the streets. Even with so little suspension travel, it was a very comfortable ride for sports car standards, but it was a little skittish over bumps in corners on the street, sapping confidence when trying to throw the car around an unfamiliar turnoff.

The GTR is a special piece of machinery and, over 6 generations, has redefined absolute performance and decimated its competition for nearly 5 decades. As a Purist, I will never win an internet argument against both the Statisticians and Track Junkies, as the GTR is that good. Purists are an old stubborn bunch, we will go on and on about driving feel and turn a blind eye to the attributes that makes the car so damn good, and that’s a shame.

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