Performance Redefined: Nissan GTR

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onAugust 20th, 2014

I spend a lot of time on various car forums on the internet, and I always enjoy clicking on the car comparison threads because they bring me the most amount of enjoyment. You see, I love watching people argue on the internet, as long as I’m not involved. Car comparisons always have good intentions to begin with, on the internet or in real life, but they typically end in a shit show of fanboys trying to justify why their prized possession is better than someone else who owns a competing model. I have a theory which explains why this happens.

It’s very simple, the theory is that there are only 3 personality types that describe every car enthusiast in the world. While everyone is primarily 1 of these 3 types, they can dabble in the other categories but, in the end, they will argue to the end based on their primary personality. Let’s break it down.


1. The Statistician – These guys are all about bench racing. 0-60 times, 1/4 mile, skidpad, slalom, that is all that matters in their world. They’ll surf Motor Trend, Car and Driver, or any other publication that has instrumented tests and cherry pick the best stats to back up their arguments.

2. The Track Junkie – The only metric of a cars performance for this personality are Nurburgring times. They’ll have their own compiled list of cars in an Excel spreadsheet on their desktop, updated with data from the latest press releases, European car magazine sites, anywhere that a Ring time is published.

3. The Purists – These are the guys that love to talk about the driving experience and bore everyone about how alive they feel hustling a particular car through twisty back highways with a manual transmission. Going fast has no importance, because they’ve come to the realization that they’re not Michael Schumacher (#keepfightingmichael) or Dale Earnhardt, depending on which part of the country they live in. They call themselves Purists, while others call them Douchebags.

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