2016-2017 SASC Winter Driver Training »

This weekend, the Southern Alberta Solosport Club (SASC) held their first Winter and Ice Driving School for the 2013 season and we were invited to check it out.

2015 McLaren 650S – Exotic Redefined »

In only a couple of years, McLaren has created an exotic that raises the bar on the competition.

F1 For the Road – The Ferrari F50 »

It’s not often one gets handed the keys to a million dollar car. Well in this case, about 1.6 million, but who’s counting.

Performance Redefined: Nissan GTR »

The Nissan GTR is a bit of an enigma. It’s one of the rare few that satisfies more than one personality traits. It’s nearly untouchable at the Ring, only beat by the million dollar Porsche 918 when counting series production vehicles.

Life Lessons, Courtesy of Mercedes »

Before we start, I need to apologize for being late. Partly due to real life getting in the way, but mostly due to the fact that I struggled to write this.

August 22nd, 2016


Another huge release in the automotive world this weekend was from Lamborghini who debuted their Centenario supercar in a roadster form. The roadster will be produced in limited quantities, 20 to be exact. The one which debuted at Monterey Car Week was painted in a color called Argento Centenario which is only found on the Centenario roadster.

The Centenario roadsters will utilize the same 6.2L V12 which is normally found in the coupe. The highly capable V12 produces 760hpp and 510lb/ft of torque. Even more impressive is that the roadster is only 0.1 seconds slower to reach 100km/h than the coupe which does it in 2.8 seconds.

Similar to the coupe, the price tag of the Centenario keeps it in exclusive status. The coupe is priced at $2 million USD while the roadster tops the bill at $2.3 million USD. For that kind of money, buyers can customize their Centenario with any color they wish to choose, or just leave the car in a bare carbon fiber finish.

August 22nd, 2016


All the major automakers take to Pebble Beach at the Concourse d’Elegance every year to show off the best of the best from their fleet. Aston Martin once again stepped up to the plate and this year delivered the Vanquish Zagato and the Volante. The Zagato coupe was announced to be produced to 99 copies. With the debut of the Zagato Volante, Aston Martin has also stated that this car will be limited to 99 production vehicles.

Both cars will be powered by a tuned 6.0L V12 which is normally found in the Vanquish. This motor will pump out 590hp with an impressive 0-100km/h sprint in just 3.2 seconds. The Zagato Volante will utilize a retracting hard top to keep the lines of the car flowing with the roof up or down. The Zagato Volante also utilizes an abundance of LED lighting as well as carbon fiber around the vehicle.

We expect production of these vehicles to begin sometime early next year.

August 19th, 2016

Porsche 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition

Porsche is set to debut a new limited run special edition 911s which the company is calling the Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition. This limited edition 911 is wear a throw back design theme that pays homage to the 1960-1961 Porsche 356B. The most apparent throwback is the color which is called Etna Blue and was a standard production color for the 356B. But Porsche has also included other subtle details with the Exclusive Design.

To bring the car back to a time when things were a bit simpler, many accent trim pieces on the car has been color coded to simplify the look. This includes the front spoiler, headlight washer covers, all the badging on the car. The major accents come in the shade of white gold metallic and that has been used on the roll bar, side graphics and the cars wheels. The blue continues on into the interior where the cabin is wrapped in graphite blue leather accented by stitching in Provence blue. Some subtle touches include a 911 Targa sillouette embossed into the center arm rest.

Under the hood you’ll find Porsche’s twin turbo 3.0L twin turbo engine which pumps out 420hp and 370lb/ft of torque which channels power to all four wheels via their PDK transmission. Look for the Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition to be showcased at the upcoming AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix vintage race at the Nürburgring.

August 19th, 2016


The next generation BMW i8 has been rumored to be getting a big power bump. And when we say big, we mean Lamborghini beating power from an all electric platform. The next generation i8 is said to incorporate three brushless electric motors and a big displacement battery which will also up the car’s range to around 300 miles.

The new platform will generate approximately 270hp from each electric motor, and when you multiply that by three that puts the horsepower count just north of 800hp. Although the directly translation of power isn’t exactly three times itself based on having three motors, but it still gives us a good indication of the potential of the new i8. And that indication is a big jump from the current generations 420hp.

The tentative production date of the next i8 is sometime around 2022. With the push of so many automakers going into the EV space, the future of high performance EV cars is become a very interesting one.

August 19th, 2016


The lead host role for the rebooted Top Gear UK TV show commands a hefty pay check at £1 million. However, a dismal season 23 means that there is talks about the future of the show right now. However, even with the uncertainty of season 24, one things been on the table and that’s whether to bring Matt LeBlanc back as lead host. As much as LeBlanc was the silver lining for the last season, his fate on the show is still yet to be determined.

LeBlanc has said that he would love to come back to the show, but there’s just nothing definite yet at this point. Even with these rumblings coming out of the LaBlanc camp, BBC has stated that they “don’t expect further changes to the Top Gear presenting line-up.” But until there’s a signature on paper, nothing is ever certain.

August 19th, 2016


By now, we know that Volkswagen has officially released a strategy to compensate their customers who currently own one of their affected 2.0L TDI diesel powered vehicles. The details on how the company will operationalize the program is yet to be made official, but we do know that customers can either sell their car back to Volkswagen as part of the buy back program, or fix the vehicle through VW’s recall. With the buy back program, customers will get maximum compensation for the value of their vehicle from prior to the emission scandal. The problem doesn’t reside with Volkswagen, it’s the vultures that are out there waiting to put a scam in place on owners who might not know the full details to Volkswagen’s compensation strategy.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already stepped in to make sure that consumers are fully aware on what options they have, and also some tips on how to protect themselves. What consumers should watch out for are scammers who want to purchase their vehicles at a lower price than the buy back and in turn flip the vehicle back to VW for some quick cash. Owners should also watch out at the dealership and know their own rights with this compensation program. Owners will not have to spend their compensation money at the dealership, the money is free for them to choose to do what they want.

With the full details of the compensation program still to come, consumers will have to wait a little bit more to determine their own course of action.

August 19th, 2016

diesel the rock

By now, we all know that the Rock had called out his Fast 8 male cast members as being “Candy Asses”, but what we didn’t know is who that statement was targeted at. After a few days of having this news swirl on the internet, the rumor mill is pointing to Vin Diesel as the target of that comment. With a movie franchise like this with so many big stars on set, it was just a matter of time before heads butt and tempers flare.

The claim is that Diesel and Johnson were disagreeing on some on set decisions. Specifically, decisions being made by Diesel were not sitting well with Johnson. So much so that the tension on set was making people uncomfortable.

August 19th, 2016


A little while ago, we talked about Honda putting in patents for a newly designed dashboard which carried very future forward design elements. The dash was also designed to go into a smaller vehicle which begged the question, what car are the folks at Honda or Acura designing? With the NSX in full production, this leaves the design team with some time on their hands for a new project.

We were thinking it might be the new S2000, or maybe it’s the rumored mini-NSX. The idea of a mini-NSX would also mean that the future car will use a mid-engine platform. And if this were true, the new model may be dubbed the ZSX, which was also recently trademarked by Honda. Further rumblings are saying that the ZSX will be powered by a small displacement turbo engine, likely a 2.0L four cylinder. But more than likely, it will adapt the NSX’s electric technology in conjunction to the gas power plant to deliver some impressive performance.

At this point, nothing has been confirmed. All of this is just rumors. But based on what the folks at Honda recently put out with the NSX, it isn’t surprising that consumers are waiting anxiously to see what they come up with next.

August 19th, 2016


Many automakers take to the Concours d’Elegance to debut the best of what their company has in mind for future vehicles. Mercedes recently leaked an image that showed no more than a simple silhouette of a vehicle which looks to be in the shape of a coupe. What we all have to look forward to is that this is likely the beginning of a Maybach coupe coming down the production line in the future for the automaker.

Now with anything Maybach, you can expect the luxury touches will be over the top. And judging by the profile shot of the teaser picture, the coupe is going to exude class from front to back with long sweeping lines. To just give a reference to the car’s size, the coupe will measure in at a hefty 230 inches which dwarfs even the S600 Mercedes Maybach sedan at 215 inches.

At this point, we only know that the coupe is a concept car and there is no details as to when it will make it into production.

August 19th, 2016

tesla china

Tesla has reported that their autopilot has once again been involved in an accident. Autopilot has come under fire recently due to the recent fatal accident that happened while a driver was not paying attention while utilizing the feature. The company has come out to say that their technology is still in it’s early stages and is not perfect. The company has warnings in the vehicle alerting drivers to pay attention while using the function.

According to data pulled from the vehicle, Tesla has confirmed that the driver’s hands were not on the steering wheel at the time of the accident. The investigations states that the driver of the vehicle did not steer to avoid a parked car and subsequently hit the side of the parked vehicle. According to Tesla, drivers should always have their hands on the steering wheel so that they can take over at any time. The owner of the vehicle has responded saying that Tesla sold him the vehicle under the pretense that the car was fully functional under self driving mode.

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