Nurburgring Gets Bought By Russian Billionaire

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 29th, 2016


What do you get when you mix racing with a Russian Billionaire? Well the purchase of a German race track of course. Viktor Kharitonin, a Russian business man, already owned a large stake in the historic Nurburgring race track, but recently he forked out some more cash and now has 99% ownership.

Kharitonin began acquiring stakes in the Nurburgring starting in 2014, purchasing large quantities of shares from a then failing German autoparts company Capricorn Group. The majority owner will likely bring about some changes. One of which is talks with a fellow billionaire Bernie Ecclestone on bringing Formula 1 back to the ring. The Nurburgring has played host to Formula 1 in the past, and has been a mainstay in motorsport history. It is only right for the sport to come back and entertain fans at undoubtedly one of the best courses in the world.

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