NO DEAL! Tsuu T’ina First Nation Members Vote Against SW Ring Road

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJuly 1st, 2009

Over 700 Tsuu T’ina band members voted earlier today on the SW ring road deal and only 38% voted in favor of selling over 400 hectares of reserve land to the Alberta Government for the construction of the massive ring road project. Details of the proposal were not made public but the Calgary Herald obtained documents showing the Provincial Government offering up to $275M with a minimum $240M held in trust by the Federal Government. The band would have also received 2000 hectares of crown land on the northwestern border of the reserve in exchange for 400 hectares needed for the construction of the roadway.

“The agreement did not guarantee that the Nation would receive additional reserve land,” Chief Big Plume said in a news release following the vote, “Tsuu T’ina tried to solve that problem at the negotiating table. We regret that we were unable to do so.”

The City of Calgary will now have to work on an alternative plan with the Provincial Government and decide if the SW portion of the ring road will ever be built. Alberta Transportation planners have been looking at constructing a SW freeway like the ring road since the 1960’s and with today’s vote it may be another 50 years before we have improved north-south corridors in the Calgary area.

I’ve read on the forums about this proposal, and I think it just might work. Instead of transferring $275 to the Tsuu T’ina band, why not buy up all the properties in Lakeview along 37th street and tunnel under the weaslehead area? Of course with the alignment of the ring road running along 37th street there will be no more access to the Grey Eagle casino on the Tsuu T’ina reserve from Calgary but I say we leave that problem to the band members to deal with.

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  1. Syritis says:

    I thought calgary was supposed to have the ring road when tsuu tina got they’re casino? i see they’re casino is up and running and calgary’s working citizens get nothing from that deal? i guess that what you get with a city counsel that lacks the balls to stand up for themselves or for anyone at all. To be fair the blame shouldn’t just be placed on our city counsel, the alberta governing body was supposed to have helped with the deal but the on going political pissing match between steady eddy and our bullying bronco leave no winners.
    personally i think a simple blockade in front of the gray eagle casino for a couple months would help them tsuu tina nations see what deal actually means.

  2. Digby says:

    I agree, over or under the Res is fine with me but definately the Tsu Tina has made a serious blunder in this cat and mouse game they have been playing for close to 50 years…forget about access to their casino off of Glenmore or 37th. A long drive from Anderson can hopefully be expected

  3. Toby says:

    fuck them, shut down any road leading from calgary into tsuu tsina buy up all the surrounding land and do the same and wait them out – theyll get tired of being greedy and take a lesser deal when they realise that they need this road too. im sick of the handouts, time for some tough love

  4. Dave Bronconnier says:

    I think we need to cut off all power and water to the casino. That would make for good posturing don’tcha think?

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  6. Not Surprised says:

    Like most websites with news on this topic the responses are typically ill-informed, lacking in debate and meaningful alternatives, and in some cases exhibit thinly veiled racism. The only difference here is that the writer of this web piece falls into this same quagmire. Sir, if you believe that it is the nation’s problem to worry about access to their reserve you are simply another link in the chain of fools that has created the situation of animosity, ignominy, and greed that exists between Tsuu T’ina and the City of Calgary. Both parties have a responsibility to their constituents (the band councillors were elected FYI, unlike AB Transportation) to work with each other for a mutually beneficial result.

    Also, there will be no weaselhead option as that land in under dispute as to whether or not it belongs to the TT Nation(Treaty land dispute) and that needs to be settled before any works can commence in that area. This process could take decades to resolve unless the federal and provincial gov’ts puts their foot to the gas. Get informed, you obviously have time on your hands, take some responsiblity and get a clue. I think you will be surprised at the history between the City and TT.

  7. Kenny Chan says:

    Not Surprised:

    You are correct, both parties do have a responsibility to their constituents and my opinion as a taxpayer is that the best solution right now is to build an interchange at 37th street and Glenmore Trail which may or may not include access roads to the Grey Eagle casino. I also feel that if such access is granted, the additional costs of providing such access should be paid for by the Tsuu T’ina band.

    Since you are so well informed, please provide some links to information regarding this Tsuu T’ina / Weaselhead land dispute as I have not heard about this (nor have I read about it in any local media).

  8. fucking suckers says:

    its not about the money its our land and we could do whatever we want with it you fucking people already took all of canada from us. so your the greedy fucks that want too take everything. so go back and pay your fucking taxes bitches.

  9. Syritis says:

    and that everybody is the reason they can’t exist with the rest of society. ignorant and stubborn. go have a drink

  10. Annoyed says:

    I really dont think that “we people” took anything from the tsuu tina nation. If you are referring to the european settlers that came to Canada and made this land their home, then you need to give your head a shake.
    I will not be held responsible or accountable for the actions of european settlers that took place too many generations ago to even trace. My family came to Canada long after the land was “stolen” from you. So please explain to me why my tax dollars contribute to the self destruction of your kind, when my forefathers had nothing to do with the “taking” of your land.
    If you want to take that stance, then please feel free to seperate yourself from “our culture.” Do not drive on our roads, do not drink our filtered water, and dont take advantage of the free schooling made available to you (which is a clear waste of money).
    Your anscestors must be rolling in their graves.

  11. fucking suckers says:

    haha thats funny just keep destroying the earth like you already have its your way or no way am i correct. just because we said noo because we wanted to keep our land. you people get all pissy just let it go if we wanted the money we would have taken it but since we only have this little peace of land and white people pretty much have the fucking world i dont really see why you guys are making a big deal about this road.

  12. Syritis says:

    it’s funny that after tsuu tina nations turned down the deal, Calgary went on and began new plan then tsuu tine came back whining that they wanted to continue talks. Calgary has 210 people per square KM, tsuu tina nations has 9 people per square KM. you obviously have enough land that the people of Canada offered to you in 1877. Our ancestors could have done like the USA did and just take the land and offer your citizenship. so be thankful you have any land at all. the whole point of the aboriginal treaties was to give natives as much legislation as anyone else has, instead is seems like it just created a culture of whinny drunks who are nothing but a burden on the tax payers of Canada
    I believe that if Canada eliminated treaty 7 (i think that’s the one) natives would stop drinking themselves to death and would become a working member of society and would be asking for the ring road through their land so they could actually get to work like the rest of us.

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  14. Pissedoffswcalgaryresident says:

    All i have to say is “karma” to you Fuckingsuckers. Oh wait to late for that your entire race is uneducated andplagued with addictions. Your ignorant greedy attitude will only get you so far. We all know it has nothing to do with your precious land cuz all the native land is a dump and not taken care of anyways. This is all about soaking the white man for all there worth and im glad negotiations are done so i hope you realize the consequences of your greed as you live out your life in poverty

  15. Pissedoffswcalgaryresident says:

    And by the way we are making a big deal about this road because we do have to get to a little thing called work we go to everyday. I guess if all of us just sat home drinking and stealing stuff all day we wouldent really need this road would we?? hmmm. You are very lucky i am not in charge of society cuz i would reclaim that land by force and pave a beautiful ten land freeway over it and make sure the bulldozer starts with your house

  16. Fucktheindians says:

    First off Who the fuck are you to tell the city what it can do with it’s land!!!!!!! We let you build a connecter so people could get to your faggot ass casino for free!!!!!! I think it’s gonna be funny when the only people going there are gonna be indians spending the good old welfare cheque!!!!! So enjoy it while you can cause we will be closing that intersection up then maybe we will “make a deal” with you on good faith then we will dick around for 40 years just like you fucking retards then tell you to go find a nice big sandpile, a hammer and then you can pound all that sand right up your ass

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  18. Q says:

    I was born in Canada and so was my mother and Father. Indians were also born here in Canada so why am I not also considered a native of Canada?
    So why do they (Indians) get special treatment, Is it because of the color of their skin or race (bloodline), If it is so isn’t that racism?

    As we did in the past to rid ourselves of another “blood sucking” monarchy (The King, ROYALTY) we may need to start another revolution to rid ourselves of another old and outdated monarchy which is also based upon bloodline which is the Indian.

    Indians should have no more rights or privileges than any other Canadian irregardless of any deals made in the past. Those Treaty “rights” are just as revolkable as our rights. If the government needs my property they can force me off of it, if there is a war I can be forced to go to war, and I am also forced to pay taxes. We do not have rights, just privileges.

    On not having access to your precious Indian casino the suggestion is to build a new highway to it from across your lands at your expense fuckheads!

  19. glen w says:

    fucking useless indians we should’ve wiped them out way back whatever happened to we came we saw we conquered now all we do is support these lazy good for nothing drunks and drug addicts

  20. A.Whitey says:

    I would like to apologize for the lack of compassion and understanding of the people’s comments. I truly believe that Native culture/land/beliefs have been raped and violated: and in return has devastated generations.
    It has to stop somewhere, let’s learn from history instead of repeating it!
    Shall we relocate them again and cause more ripples in the already stagnant pool of be-trail. This land was given to them. Lets leave it and listen with open ears and open eyes.
    The native culture has much to be proud of;
    Would you want your home , your only sanctuary destroyed.
    Before we comment with intolerance lets walk a mile in each others shoes.


  21. ProudTsuuT'ina says:

    Those comments are pathetic and discustang. Calkling down a whole rrace of people. What the hell is wrong with u. See white people have no damn respect!

    We are strong and proud people and nothing you white people say or do will bring us down. Were still standing! You already tried and it failed.
    Here U are trying to take the one little peice of land we have left after u took our whole country. Talk about gready and selfish.

  22. Truth Seeker says:

    If we are all so non-tereotyped and non-racist on both sides of this issue, why aren’t we all looking at the best solution for the problem instead of making into an “us vs. them” issue. If we are all one “global village” then by cooperating we should be able to resolve the issue. So what is the problem? The real fact-of-the-matter is that neither side gives a dman about the so-called social issues or “race relations”, and it all comes down to politics and numbers.

    The Tsu Tina know know that the civilization surrounding them has the resources to pay them out and build an expressway that would benefit them hugely without them losing one square inch of land. Because of that, many of the Tsu Tina want the deal. The others are caught up in greed and politics. Who gets all the big money if the road goes onto Tsu Tina land? Who gets all the big money if it doeasn’t? I am sure there are plenty of potential stakeholders lined up to bid to be the ones to demolish those 500 houses and build a huge bridge and everything else if the Tsu Tina keep refusing against their better judgement to work out the deal. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake here and when that kind of money comes into play you just know there are lobbyists on both sides. What influence might they be having on the Tsu Tina vote, or on the Government’s position not to deal with them anymore, even if it means paying the Tsu Tina less than it would otherwise? Think people … think!

  23. Proud Canadian says:

    To the ProudTsuuT’ina . Please inform me as to why you are so damn proud people? Your people and all tribes for that matter claim that the white man has came and taken away YOUR land. Just because a tribe was kiving on a small piece of land does not mean the whole nation shall belong these tribes. When the European settlers came to this nation and began to develop the land your people were living in teepees, traveling horseback, hunting with bow and arrows and pounding on leather stretched drums. The white man brought civilation and industrialization. We have built roads, railways, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Recreation facilities ie rinks, ballparks, gas and oil production etc, and thanks to a non-native owned company Clark builders a Casino on your piece of land. If your so proud of your people why is it your tribe did not build this piece of entertainment? I’m sure with all your tax free money and free education you should have had more then enough resources to develop such a project with your tribe members. Why is it my generation, generations before me and generations upon generations after me have to provide for you? We have giving more then enough and have supplied ample resources for your people to succeed. How many schools, hospitals, businesses has your tribe developed that everyone and by everyone I mean ANY race can use? Instead we supply you treaty cheques, tax free booze and tobacco. Didnt realize we stole all your booze from you to! Honest hard working people supply you with all the amenities you could possibly need, tax free to top it off and in return we constantly have to fight with you for something in return, like a freeway to incorporate the growing demand of the city that YOUR people use every single day. When I see an indian driving a brand new pickup truck and there is a decal in the window that states “thanks whitey” its no wonder why indians are so hated. Our forefathers only down fall was not wiping all the fucking tribes out!!!!!

  24. Pooter Diddler says:

    Natives of this land are actually less evolved humans. Treaties are a systematic way of keeping them drunk and dumb. Fuck you greedy pigs. Newfoundland had the right idea. Open season.

  25. Proud niichii says:

    As a half breed i am ashamed to be half white, your ignorance is appalling. Pick up a few history books that u dont find in white schools. Remember, the civilization you have today is also destoying our planet. Some people need to know there facts before they talk. Most INDIANS are messed up because of all the damage white people have done to them. The governement of canada is paying them off for all the hurt and anguish they had caused. Instead of putting indians down and concentrating on how they are now, you should be greatfull to them that they were nice enough to sign a treaty to allow most of your ancestors stay in this wonderfull country. Can us aboriginal preople be greatfull for what they gave us?? In some aspects yes, but never will i greatfull that my ancestors having been taken from there home and told they couldnt speak their own language. Stripped of all there own identity. Most natives are just acting like white man did. You shouldnt judge whrn your culture is just as bad. Ignorance is an awfull thing. The sooner you ignorant assholes get more educated on native people u shouldnt talk. Native people are spiritual people and arent meant to live whitmans way. There meant to live of the land. Just because white people decided to pay them off doesnt mean that you should judge. This is the way it is learn to live with it. Your words Are disgusting and you shoild be ashamed of yourself.

  26. Saddened says:

    The comments above saddened me. The First Nations vs. Other fight is ridiculous and sickening. Many people believe that Canada is a “salad bowl” but after seeing such racist bullshit that is written here, I am starting to doubt it. I know there is a big controversy over government hand outs, reserves and whether or not to keep them, and addiction problems; but please, we need to find a way to make the quality of life better for First Nations people. I know that the ring road was a big project and it was much anticipated, but I feel that if the reserves weren’t in such poverty they we might be able to act civilly with each other and possibly come to some conclusions and get things done for once. Once we as ONE PEOPLE build the reserves out of the poor state they are in, we finally might be able to get some work done.

    Stop hiding behind computer screens, trash talking each other and STAND UP AND FIX THINGS AS ONE PEOPLE. It is do-able. Extreme changes are necessary for any kind of peace between our two groups, because we all want the same thing.

  27. Marmalade says:

    As a white person, I’m ashamed of the comments from “Proud Canadian” and people like him – you have no reason to be proud. People like you aren’t that smart, but you’re just smart enough to be dangerous, because people think that you have credibility and believe in what you have to say just because it comes in a (mostly) grammatically correct package.

    Your compartmentalization of our proud First Nations people is appalling. We “whites” owe a great deal of gratitude to our First Nations communities who stand up for things that are RIGHT, things that would otherwise further pollute our world, exploit employees and help a few evil men get rich. Our ancestors took an entire continent, and their descendants show no sign of stopping. What Europeans brought wasn’t “civilization” – we brought death, disease, pollution government corruption, corporate corruption – in a few hundred years, our ancestors committed cultural, linguistic, geographic and racial genocide, and would be tried for crimes against humanity had it happened today (or so I’d like to think).

    Let me pose a question to all of those who keep talking smack to our First Nations people – how ~happy~ are you in this brave new world we live in? How civilized are we, *really*? Think about it deeply (if you’re capable of it), instead of dismissing my question as new-age hippie-bullshit. We live in a horribly lonely, unjust world, with major religions killing each other, a worldwide decline in human rights, workers rights and wages. Few people are rich, while the many are poor or living from paycheque to paycheque. We are dependent upon a complex system of food delivery that, if it ever failed, we’d starve and our “civilized” society would fall quickly into chaos. We live in a world where we work in jobs we hate so we can make money, while our natural gifts and talents, our dreams and aspirations go to waste. We live in a world of concrete and materialism, where the people have no control over the actions of our governments or the security of our jobs. Our world is so burdened down with legal technicalities, exploited by corporations and the rich, that there is no honour, no honesty, no justice. We live in a society where we have to wait several hours to receive medical care from pill-pushing doctors who don’t listen to us or care about us personally. We live lives of quiet desperation, longing for community, longing for meaning, longing for that intangible “something more,” but we’re so caught up in paying our bills and the drama of everyday life that we sit passively in front of our TVs eating potato chips, letting some stranger on the television tell us why we need to buy their product in order to feel fulfilled. People are losing their jobs to people overseas, who get paid pennies to do the same thing in deplorable working conditions so we can get a cheap coffee table at Wal-Mart. People fly airplanes into buildings and blow themselves up, people are rioting in the streets of Egypt, Greece, the UK, Vancouver – and it’s not just a “criminal element,” as their respective governments claim, it’s something deeper than that – we live in a broken world, and the symptoms of our diseased society are only going to get worse.

    How, “Proud Canadian,” can any of this be considered “civilized?”

    We have so much to learn from our First Nations people, but most people are too stupid to see the wisdom behind their decisions – they just want their ring road, their gold mine, their oil wells, their short-term profits at the cost of a long-term problem – the rape and pillage of the land that sustains us.

    I wish people could try to look past their per-conceived notions of our First Nations people and see what no one wants to see – a people who see a sick land, a sick people, and they’re the only ones who have the balls and the courage to look the government and corporations in the eye and say, “No.” If the rest of us in Canada were as honourable, our country would be a much different (and better) place. They see our “civilization” for what it is – they’re wise beyond our comprehension – and people call them lazy, stupid, criminals.

    I’m not a proud Canadian. I look at the mess we made of this beautiful country, the mess we’ve made of this beautiful world, and wonder how we can ever make it right. I believe the First Nations people have the solution – but I fear most people aren’t smart enough or insightful enough to listen. I wish I could join with them, help their cause, but people of my race have brought so much misery to their people, I doubt they’d ever want my help.

    This “civilization” you believe so much in will eventually fall unless we can change this machine we’ve created, because it’s flawed, it’s wrong, it’s corrupt. First Nations people have it right. It’s too bad people like you are too ignorant and uncivilized to see it.

  28. Marmalade says:

    And to address Proud Niichii, I agree with you, but I want to address your comment, “Native people are spiritual people and arent meant to live whitemans way” – I don’t believe ANY people are supposed to live the white man’s way, I’ve felt in my heart and soul for a long time that this society is simply wrong for all of us, and the rise in depression, suicide, addictions and crime is a hint of this fact. I long to live on the land, grow my own food and disentangle myself from this uncontrollable machine of a culture that seems to be eating people alive, but there seems to be no way out, it’s a trap.

    First Nations people have it right…I just hope you’re able to preserve your ways and your language with the young people, who are caught between two worlds. I wish there wasn’t so much mistrust between our people, because there are some of us who want to learn from you. I believe that spirituality is beautiful, and I wish more people could be spiritual without being religious – the world would be a more peaceful place.

    Don’t be ashamed of being a “half breed” – you can’t help who your parents are, but you can help who you become, and by not following the corrupt ways of our society and by honouring your ancestors by following the traditional path, you have MUCH to be proud of. I am 1/4 English and half Spanish – two of the greatest offenders of world colonization and instigators of genocide – the other 1/4 of my ancestry is Scottish, who were victims of English rule for centuries (still are, really) but I am trying to live in a way that doesn’t reflect my ancestors. It’s hard, though. There are many pressures in our “white man” society to conform, especially in Calgary, where if you don’t like the way things are, they call you a hippie or a liberal.

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