Nissan BladeGlider Taking Shape

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 8th, 2016


Nissan debuted a concept vehicle in 2013 called the BladeGlider. It was a new design which challenged the concept of what vehicles on the road should look like in the future. Nissan stretched the boundaries of both shape and size with the BladeGlider, and they felt that utilizing an all EV power train would also set the tone of what the future might bring.

The BladeGlider concept has evolved quite a bit over the last 3 years and is now a fully functional prototype. Although not yet slated for production, its current form is close to what a production version could look like. The interior of the car has also been redesigned to fit in with more of what a production model would look like. Gadgetry is kept to a minimum while still keeping true to ergonomics and future design elements.

The BladeGlider will be powered by a 220-kilowatt lithium-ion battery, with an electric motor at each wheel. This provides the car with a generous power output of 270hp and a whopping 520lb/ft of torque. Although that’s a lot of power, the car is not geared for high performance duties. A 0-60 run comes in at 5 seconds, while top speed is around 115mph.

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