Next Generation BMW i8 to Get Big Horsepower Bump

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 19th, 2016


The next generation BMW i8 has been rumored to be getting a big power bump. And when we say big, we mean Lamborghini beating power from an all electric platform. The next generation i8 is said to incorporate three brushless electric motors and a big displacement battery which will also up the car’s range to around 300 miles.

The new platform will generate approximately 270hp from each electric motor, and when you multiply that by three that puts the horsepower count just north of 800hp. Although the directly translation of power isn’t exactly three times itself based on having three motors, but it still gives us a good indication of the potential of the new i8. And that indication is a big jump from the current generations 420hp.

The tentative production date of the next i8 is sometime around 2022. With the push of so many automakers going into the EV space, the future of high performance EV cars is become a very interesting one.

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