New Toyota Supra

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 24th, 2016

toyota supra

Those of us who grew up in the 90’s remember the infiltration of Japanese supercars which contended with the likes of those coming out of Italy and Germany. This included the Acura NSX, Mazda RX7 and the Toyota Supra. All of these vehicles have long been discontinued, but some have moved on to newer iterations. Acura recently released their all new NSX. Mazda made the RX8 which never lived up to the car that was the RX7. But only Toyota remains in producing a car as a successor to their dominating Supra.

The rumor mill surrounding an all new Supra has been circulating for a while and Toyota has not denied that they are working on something. When Toyota put out the FT-1 concept a few years back, it was beginning to pave the way ahead for a design concept for the new Supra. Now there are rumors that Lexus’ new engine might find it’s way into the heart of a new Supra. Again, all of this is speculation until we see something a bit more official. That powerplant will be a twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine which recently has proven to be a potent powerplant across many automakers.

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