Netflix will Stream Rebooted Top Gear

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 13th, 2016

'Top Gear' : Photocall at MIPCOM 2015 In Cannes

Netflix will be bringing the all new rebooted Top Gear show to audiences, but the question that remains is when. Ted Sarandos, content director at Netflix, is still working out distribution rights for the show to allow for a true international cascade. According to Sarandos, “Worldwide I don’t know, as there are pockets of output deals that block all of those things, so we can only control worldwide on things that we can control outright, or things that we take on very early in their life. But multi-territory for sure.”

Sarandos couldn’t say when the Top Gear episodes would make it to the streaming service. The problem is that Top Gear will begin to air in the UK, USA and other markets starting in May. So if the rumored timeline of the deal is struck later this year, streaming of Top Gear episodes will be possible, but only after the live episodes have already been aired.

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