Monster Chrysler Reliant

Posted by: Lydia Siu onAugust 9th, 2016

Chrysler Reliant

When Chrysler created the first minivan, the car saved the company from bankruptcy. When it created the Reliant, it didn’t. The Chrysler Reliant was designed to be your everyday car. It was offered in a coupe, sedan, and station wagon form. The car, based on Chrysler’s K-car platform, wasn’t quick, wasn’t sporty, wasn’t luxurious, and it wasn’t pretty. It did, get you from A to B.

So when you put the word “performance” together with Reliant, it is definitely an odd pairing. But strangely enough, Chrysler did produce some performance oriented powertrains. Take the engine in this Reliant which is actually from a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron GTS. This was a turbocharged four cylinder produced by Chrysler at that time which packed a nice little punch. At 2.2L, it’s not the biggest engine either, but with beefed up internals, all it took was a crank of the boost and you’ll have some cheap turbo charged fun. And to make things more interesting, stuff the engine into a Reliant station wagon to make one hell of a sleeper.

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