Mitsubishi Grand Tourer Concept

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 28th, 2016


Mitsubishi has been tight lipped about a plug in hybrid SUV which it will be marketing as an upscale vehicle. The concept vehicle will debut at the upcoming Paris Autoshow in the fall. From what can be seen so far, Mitsubishi is taking a deviation from their sporty and somewhat chunky proportioned cars and moving towards a sleeker design with the concept.

In a statement by Mitsubishi, “The combination of advanced driving technologies packaged using the latest Japanese design trends and quality will propel the Ground Tourer Concept for effortless cruising in all driving conditions on and off road; all while accommodating passengers in a quiet, comfortable and luxuriously crafted interior”.

More information will make its way out on the Japanese automaker’s concept vehicle around the time of the Paris Auto Show.

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