Mercedes Unveils AMG GT, Sets 911 in Sights

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onSeptember 9th, 2014


Mercedes-Benz unveiled the replacement to the outgoing SLS, the AMG GT this morning, ahead of it’s public debut at the Paris motor show next month. Targetting the Porsche 911, the new AMG GT sits in a new segment in the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Powered by an all new 4.0L V8 Biturbo, the powerplant pumps out 510hp in S guise, allowing the AMG GT S to hit 60mph in a scant 3.6 seconds, along with a 194mph top speed. The base AMG GT model is rated at 462hp, hits 60mph in 3.8 seconds, and tops out at 190mph. The engine features a hot V configuration, where the turbochargers are nestled within the V, resulting in a more compact design. A wet sump version of the engine will power the all new C63, due out in January of next year.

The AMG GT, in comparison to other Mercedes-AMG performance cars, will focus on light weight over outright power. Weighing in at 3400lbs (3450lbs for the AMG GT S), it will be one of the lightest V8 cars in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, yet offering the highest power to weight ratio. Both the AMG GT and the AMG GT S will be coupled to the tried and true 7 speed DCT from the SLS, while the AMG GT S will put power down more efficiently with a e-diff to control locking rates. The base AMG GT features a classic mechanical LSD.

To improve handling, the AMG GT is fitted with electronically controlled dampers, with 3 drive modes and 3 traction modes to handle all road surfaces. The AMG GT S with the optional AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package improves dynamics further by fitting dynamic engine and transmission mounts. These mounts adjust itself in corners, to ensure the large mass of the engine and drivetrain are stabilized during high lateral load maneuvers.

Check out the gallery below for the first official photos of the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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