Mercedes Truck Won’t Come to Canada

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMay 3rd, 2016


Many of the trucks you find from our friendly German automakers like Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz usually don’t end up in Canada. Take this Mercedes truck as an example. It is a mid sized pickup built for duty and a heavy load hauler. SUVs seem to be the car of choice lately but they just don’t cut it as a utility vehicle.

Trucks in Canada definitely has its fair part of the market share, so it’s strange to see that the number of mid-sized trucks available to our European brothers doesn’t make its way here. Mercedes’ truck has been spied wearing its camouflage gear running around their test track. The silver arrow company hopes to launch their pickup by 2020. Unofficial word is that this truck is targeted for Latin America, South Africa, Europe, and Australia.

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