Mercedes’ G Wagon Professional Edition

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 2nd, 2016


There’s only one Mercedes that has never changed its physical appearance but still to this day still gets as much demand as when it first debuted. That is the G Wagon. Originally built in the 70’s as a military vehicle, it eventually morphed into civilian territory as a work mule. But with the SUV market continuing to grow, and demand for more utility focused vehicles on the rise, the G Wagon really found its own stride in this market sector.

Over the years, the interior has been updated to provide more of the comfort and luxury features that are synonymous with the Mercedes brand. However, that hasn’t dulled the rugged pedigree of the G Wagon. Mercedes will be releasing another new variant of the wagon called the Professional which will again bring about updates to bring the tech and luxury side of the equation back up to current day Mercedes standards.

The Professional is likely only going to be available to the European market. But we are hoping that the high demand for SUVs in North America will encourage Mercedes to offer the G Wagon Professional on this side of the pond.

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