Mercedes Benz All Terrain Wagon

Posted by: Lydia Siu onJune 8th, 2016

2017-mercedes-benz-all terrain

Its great to see that Mercedes is continuing to produce a wagon for the North American market to continuing giving consumer’s options for more capacity than going down the SUV route. Similar to its competition like Audi in the wagon space, Mercedes is now planning on producing an All Terrain E Class wagon which will compete directly with the A6 Allroad from Audi. You might be thinking that we don’t get the A6 Allroad in North America, and you would be right. That also means that the Mercedes E Class All Terrain is also not slated for North American consumers which is a bummer.

The All Terrain Mercedes E Class Wagon will have a raised ride height to allow the vehicle more road clearance should you decide to take the luxury wagon off the paved road. To continue with the All Terrain look, plastic body cladding and underbody protection will offer the wagon with more protection and also give off that rugged look.

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