Matt LeBlanc Threatens to Quit if Evans Isn’t Fired

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 28th, 2016


More bad news for the newly rebooted UK Top Gear. Since it’s debut airing, ratings have continued to spiral downwards episode after episode as the host try to find their ways with each other. Episode 2 and 3 showed a glimmer of hope when Top Gear producers gave Chris Harris more air time, but ratings again dwindled for episode 4. Now, it seems that the chemistry between the hosts, specifically Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans continues to plummet like the shows ratings.

Most recently, Matt LeBlanc has stated that he plans to quit the show if Chris Evans isn’t fired. This comes as a result of Evan’s ongoing outburst at the cast as well as on set viewers. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Evan’s outbursts. The most recent exit as a result of poor relationship with Evans was show executive producer Lisa Clark who stated that Evans was “tyrannical”.

We know the show won’t get pulled off the air that easily, and even if there are host changes, there’s still 4 others co hosts to choose from to fill Evan’s shoes. All we know is, only time will tell whether Evans can keep his gig. But despite his poor behavior, Evans hasn’t been able to click with audiences of the new show at all.

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