Lincoln Reveals the Face-lifted MKZ

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onNovember 20th, 2015


When Lincoln first began their new design language and Matthew McConaughey ads, I loved it. I was happy that they were following Cadillac’s cues and refreshing their entire image, and I hoped that the end result would be yet another brand of vehicle my generation would be interested in. The MKC was unveiled and my enthusiasm held. Here was a modern-looking SUV with a lot of hype and excellent standard of luxury. I thought it would appeal to buyers of all ages and I couldn’t wait to see them on the streets.

Then I saw them on the streets and I was like “Myehhhhh, it’s alright. First car of a new design, they’ll do better on the next one”. Buuuut they didn’t. The exteriors of the Lincoln line-up still look like they’re made for people too old to be driving at all, and the new MKZ is no exception. They’ve kept the “Please notice the rear of this car because it will be coming to an abrupt and unwarranted halt” rear light bar but replaced the front fascia with what I can only assume is the result of this conversation:

“Who makes good looking cars for our target demographic?”
“Let’s steal their front end”
“But we can’t let them know we stole it”
“How would you like to do that?”
“Make the grill out of Lincoln logos”
“What if it doesn’t look very nice?”
“Our target demographic is legally blind”
“So why are we trying to make a good looking car?”

Anyway, what we’re left with is a car that looks pretty good from the side but awkward as hell from any other angle. The interior is still fantastic, a great place to be, but it’s not enough to shield you from the inevitable funny looks you’ll get while driving it. Whether those looks are because of your ugly car or your uglier driving will depend on you, I suppose. I’m sure there are some of you that like the way it looks and want to know more.

Well, it’s got a 400hp & 400lb/ft twin turbo V6 in the top trim, standard AWD and a hybrid FWD option. The optional Driver’s Package gives you the Canadian Tire special of carbon fiber trim bits, painted brake calipers and aluminum pedal covers, among other things that have nothing to do with actually driving your car. Lincoln Drive Control allows you to choose between Comfort (aka Comfort++), Normal (Comfort+) and Sport (Comfort) modes. If you’re still interested after this then take a browse through our gallery. If you STILL think you want the new MKZ, I’m sure you can schedule a shuttle towards a Lincoln dealer from your retirement community.

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