Life Lessons, Courtesy of Mercedes

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onAugust 14th, 2014

Everything else in the car neatly fits into what you’d expect from an E-class. It’s luxurious, it’s comfortable, it’s smooth and, when you want it to be, it’s quiet. It’s got all those qualities you expect when you view it, whether from inside or out, but few people know that it’s hiding something and fewer still get to experience it. The same goes for us as people. We’re all guilty of judging people by what they drive, whether it’s a lifted dualie or a slammed Golf, there are traits we assume the drivers have. We’re wrong more often than not, but we’ll never know it because we only experience these people in the middle of traffic while we’re all, arguably, at our worst. Despite this brief bit of enlightenment, I’m going to keep assuming that the Asian in the green CRV is going to merge onto a 100 zone going 60. I’ll put $10 on the fact that the white girl in front of me in the Sunfire with a Roxy sticker is going to be delayed leaving the green light because she’s staring at her phone. And I’ll keep staking my pride on the fact that the guy beside me in a 240 with a BOV will race if I make eye contact with him.

I just hope I’m in an E63S next time it happens.

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