La Ferrari to sell for $4.7 Million

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 18th, 2016


Ferrari’s La Ferrari is a much sought after super car. The words limited and rare doesn’t even begin to convey the ultra exclusive rights of owning one. When Ferrari first launched the La Ferrari, the price tag was set at $1.35 million. Due to very limited production runs and it’s stellar performance spec sheet, it wasn’t uncommon to see La Ferrari’s change hands for twice as much. However, at $4.7 million, that’s over three times the original price.

The most recent record pricing of a La Ferrari can be found at the Fort Lauderdale Collection South. The car is a low mileage vehicle with only 388 on the ticker. The car is painted Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa over a black leather interior with the optional prancing horse stitched into the headrest.

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