Kia Debuts the 400hp Hybrid Telluride Concept

Posted by: Lydia Siu onJanuary 14th, 2016

Last week Kia leaked a single image of a new SUV concept they are planning to bring to market. This week at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, speculations were put to rest as Kia officially debuted the Telluride Concept which is indeed a full sized SUV.

The Telluride Concept is a platform to which Kia is using to showcase the direction the company plans to take with their future car designs. The technology built into this concept vehicle is all based around the health, ergonomics and vitality of its occupants. The idea behind the interior seating layout is to take what you know about a traditional SUV and throw it out the window. The Telluride Concept can fit seven passengers. The seating at the front of the vehicle consists of four large seats and the rear of the SUV holds a third row bench. By being able to lay all flat, the interior seating quickly changes and opens up the interior for a huge cabin of storage space.

The Telluride’s focus on its passenger health and vitality is clearly shown through the Smart Sensors designed into the seats which monitors the health of each of its occupants. Interior lights adapt to the passenger health data to help maintain or improve occupants’ health and travelling experience. The four seats also include “Smart Sensors” that can take and then measure occupants’ vital health information.

Not only does the SUV focus on the health of its occupants, Kia plans to utilize a 3.5L hybrid V6 that can also promote a healthy environment. Power output is expected to be around 400hp which comes by way of the gas engine and an electric motor.

Don’t expect to see the Telluride concept at your local Kia dealer any time soon. This concept is more than likely just going to stay with that status. However, the technology showcased in the Telluride hints at what Kia may plan to bring to market in the rest of their vehicles in the future.

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