Ken Okuyama’s Kode57

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 22nd, 2016


The name Ken Okuyama might not be familiar to many, but the man definitely has built quite the resume when it comes to car designs. You might be more familiar with his work such as the Ferrari Enzo, Maserati’s Quattroporte, and the Pininfarina P4/5. Having one masterpiece under your belt would already be quite the accomplishment for designers, but Okuyama has three to boast about. So when he went forward to form his own creation and put his name on the emblem, you know the deliverable will be quite spectacular.

Ken Okuyama’s Kode57 is still a concept, but its rumored production price will be somewhere around $2.5 million USD. You can see lots of design elements from Okuyama’s past get pulled into this one piece of art. The most striking feature of the car is it’s rear cantilevered doors. Unlike Lamborghini’s scissor doors which swing out and up, Kode57’s doors swing up and backwards. What this design does is really open up visual line of sight into the interior cabin when the doors are swung open. And anywhere you look at this car you are greeted by aggressive lines and angles.

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