Jaywalkers to be Targeted Today in Blitz

Posted by: Kenny Chan onFebruary 3rd, 2010
Photo: Heang Uy (flickr: heanguy)

Photo: Heang Uy (flickr: heanguy)

If you are a habitual jaywalker, this morning may not be a good day to do it. Calgary Police and Calgary Transit officers will be out in full force starting at 6:30am targetting pedestrians who jaywalk. The goal of the blitz is to increase awareness of the dangers that jaywalking poses.

Police departments from all across Canada have been focusing on pedestrian safety after a rash of pedestrian deaths in Toronto and one just last month in Calgary. In all of these cases, the pedestrians were crossing the street at an unsafe spot.

“It’s a concern to us and that’s why we’ve decided to take this initiative,” he said, adding the idea that drivers are always to blame in pedestrian-vehicle crashes is simply untrue.

“Anybody who uses the road has a responsibility to make sure they’re using the road properly, safely and lawfully.” – Const. Peter Adria, Calgary Police Service

The safety blitz is expected to run through to the end of the morning rush hour and if the past is any indication, the City of Calgary will be getting a nice injection of revenue after this is all said and done. Last summer during a crackdown on pedestrians on 8th street and 7th avenue, officers were kept busy issuing warnings and tickets.

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  1. b f says:

    Hopefully they don’t ticket people for being on the crosswalk when the hand is flashing like last year. (Ie you were already crossing and the walk symbol switches to flash don’t walk.)

    They’ll use the ambigous “interfering with a railroad crossing” section instead of jaywalking.

  2. Mike says:

    If you can’t jaywalk properly… you are an idiot.
    Which means you’ll probably also step off the curb with an officer standing across the street from you too.

  3. Syritis says:

    a 3 hour “blitz” to increase public awareness? must not be that big of deal. I think the stats to justify this cause are a little vague. they’re probably thinking this will cause a reduction in pedestrian accidents. i’m yet to see a jaywalker not pay attention while crossing the road but i have seen lots of pedestrians in crosswalks cross the road on red light while listening to an ipod looking at their phone. maybe the crackdown should be toward idiotic people living in their own reality and forgetting about the physics of the car they just walked in front of.

  4. Kenny Chan says:

    I hope the next phase will be targeting pedestrians that cross when it is flashing “DONT WALK”

  5. Tomaz says:

    Maybe they are trying to create awareness to the dumb ppl who may cross into a train while listening to some tunes.

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