Jaywalkers Beware, They Are Out To Get You!

Posted by: Kenny Chan onNovember 4th, 2008

If you’re looking to save a few seconds while walking over to Starbucks by crossing the street in the middle of the block you may want to reconsider. For the month of November, Calgary Police are targetting jaywalkers in their Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). They will also be looking for drivers that fail to yield to pedestrians who are using crosswalks.

There has been many projects aimed at increasing pedestrian safety around the world, including new scramble pedestrian crossings, improved crumple zones in newer vehicles, and of course the controversial $25M pedestrian bridges.

However, one thing that does not get enough attention is the fact that pedestrians need to take their safety into their own hands (or feet) by being more alert. Its not uncommon to see pedestrians waltzing into the path of a vehicle pulling out of an alley in downtown without even looking to see if a vehicle is approaching. Similar events occur all day at most downtown intersections when the herd of sheep we call downtown workers will step into the roadway as soon as the light goes green. If anyone is running a red light, we’ll see it on the evening news.

Earlier this summer, a judge ruled that Angela Ta, who was behind the wheel of a vehicle that struck a mother and her six year old daughter in a crosswalk was not at fault. The judge in the case ruled that the pedestrians stepped onto the roadway when the vehicle was so close it was not possible to expect the vehicle to be able to come to a stop safely. Jenna Chang died the following day. Not even a guilty verdict would bring Jenna back.

I suspect they’ll leave chinatown alone though ;)

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  1. EK 2.0 says:

    The CPS would have to catch me first…my shoes, they have VTEC…

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