Jaguar to Expand the SVR Lineup

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 7th, 2016


Jaguar is following in the foot steps of AMG and BMW’s M cars in that they will start to use the SVR badging across a wider selection of vehicles in the stable. More specifically, Jaguar will no longer just use the SVR emblem on their V8 cars. Where AMG has been churning out four, six, eight, ten and 12 cylinder motors with their AMG badge, Jaguar has so far only stuck SVR badge on their V8 cars.

Jaguar’s PR director Richard Agnew said, “We can’t possibly say that SVO has to be V-8, with the way the world is changing and also the way engine technology is changing as well.” The main criteria for Jaguar cars to wear the SVR badge in the future is that they must be extra special. And that usually requires that extra specialness to be in the performance and visual department.

What that means is Jaguar will be expanding their SVR lineup to include vehicles that don’t have a V8 under the hood. What it doesn’t mean is Jaguar will be dropping the V8. The company has said that their 5.0L V8 is a low stressed engine which means there’s still more room to pull some extra horsepower out of it.

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