Is a BMW Truck on the Way?

Posted by: Walter Paxton onJuly 21st, 2016


BMW’s Australian Marketing Manager Marc Werner disclosed that the company is seriously thinking about a ute, or truck as we call them on our shores, for the BMW lineup. We haven’t had many sedan or coupe adaptations into cars for quite some time. Subaru came out with their Outback Baha a while back, and before that the only other memorable vehicle was the El Camino. There really hasn’t been a strong market for these cars in North America as true trucks or SUVs dominate the market. However, as Werner says, “Never say never. We’re watching the space closely.”

With Mercedes introducing a truck into the European and Asian market, BMW is definitely keeping a close eye on what the market demands and will react accordingly. Although the company has historically built performance oriented vehicles, trucks just don’t fully fit into that equation. But hopeful enthusiasts don’t get your hopes up just yet. Werner was quick to manage expectations and stated that their competition could produce trucks much easier than BMW since they already have a division dedicated to commercial fleet.

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