Importfest 2014 Toronto Pictures

Posted by: Kenny Chan onAugust 7th, 2014


As Importfest 2014 Vancouver draws closer, we’re just getting around to publishing some pictures that we shot in Toronto when Importfest 2014 rolled through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Billing itself as “Canada’s Biggest and Baddest” show, Importfest exhibits everything from scooters to classic muscle cars to exotics and of course, imports. Importfest Toronto showcased a great variety of vehicles (minus bikes) ranging from the usual Civics, S2000s, GTRs, the Deadmau5 Purrari and even a hamster powered Scion xB (I think?). Sadly my shot of that engine bay did not turn out.

The line up to get into Importfest started well before the scheduled noon opening time as exhibitors did last minute touch ups on their vehicles. The lineup snaked through the main floor of the MTCC and went on much further than I wanted to explore. I’m guessing there were probably about 500+ people in line when I showed up. Based on the speed of the line, it was probably going to take me an hour or more just to get in and that wouldn’t fly as I had a late afternoon flight to catch to get out of there (I’m too old for the after parties!). Luckily as I approached the front of the line, some vendors were arriving with some equipment for their booth. As all asians look alike, security assumed I was with them and in I went.



I tried to shoot as many vehicles as I could, but with all the people streaming in and with so many cars packed on the convention floor it was tough to get all of them (cleanly anyway). If I missed your vehicle, my apologies!

Update: Importfest 2014 Toronto Models coverage added.

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