Hyundai Is The New Toyota with 2017 Elantra

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onNovember 21st, 2015


The new Elantra is here, and I’m thoroughly whelmed…

I mean, I had expectations and, overall, they were met. The exterior is a little blander than I expected, but it’s still nice. The interior looks about as good as I wanted, but feels better than I thought it would.

I knew I’d have trouble writing about it, but my deadline is approaching and I seriously don’t know what to say. I don’t want to sit here and rattle off specs, because there’s nothing on the list that will make you say “Oh, neat” or “Hm, I’m disappointed it’s missing that”. It’s exactly the car you expect it to be, so it’s difficult to have anything but a neutral opinion about it.

Oh, hold up, it’s got collision avoidance and bending headlights. Rare to find those on a compact car. Lots of interior space, too. So it’s got that going for it. Which is nice. Seriously, they’ve got an entire page in their press release dedicated to how much interior space it has. So much so that it’s classified as a mid-size by the EPA.

It’s a Toyota Corolla. I’d call that the highest praise a boring car can receive, but I’m not actually sure what boring people consider praise for their cars. That said, for Hyundai to be able to have, and meet, such clear expectations says a lot about the brand. I gush about the Koreans a lot, I’m aware of it, but the fact that the Elantra is in to “Well, it’s no longer surprising that it’s this good” territory means Hyundai has succeeded. Good for them. Shame it means I’ll never be interested in half their cars again.

Well… Enjoy the pictures!

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