Hyundai Booth Tour – SEMA 2012

Posted by: Kenny Chan onNovember 6th, 2012

So we’ve all packed our bags and have headed home from Vegas after another successful SEMA show so it’s time to take a closer look at some of manufacturers booths. Our first SEMA booth tour will be the Hyundai booth mainly because well there were no BRZ or FRS to be found! Seriously, we could probably do a super gallery of those alone ;)

The star of the Hyundai booth was the Veloster Turbo Velocity Concept. This concept car does not stray from the standard concept car recipe with its overly agressive (and definitely over the top) design. She sits on a set of 19″ HRE P40 wheels with a charcoal finish wrapped in a set of Kumho tires. The wing at the back is pretty massive and the bodykit is equally wide. The Velocity Concept is not all show though. Hyundai sent a fresh 1.6L motor over to Cosworth who then upgraded the turbo along with supporting internals producing a motor with an output of over 400hp and about 350 lb/ft of torque.

A couple more understated Velosters were also present in the booth. There was the John Pangilinan Edition Veloster in mint green as well as an ARK Performance tuned Alpine Concept in blue/white. I liked this car, something about the color scheme was quite pleasing (perhaps it could be a Beyond show car or something).

You may have guessed it even if you didn’t see the massive intercooler on the front of the Hyundai Elantra that it was making upwards of 600hp. The giant turbo that exhausted just in front of the windshield may have tipped you off. The Bisimoto Hyundai elantra GT Concept packs a built motor fed not only a healthy dose of boost but it’s also sipping on a bottle of meth.

Rounding out the booth were a pair of Genesis Coupes. The Cosworth Genesis Racing Series Concept in blue is packing 389hp and 325 lb/ft of torque. The ARK Performance Genesis Coupe R-Spec is pushing 395hp and 340 lb/ft of torque. Both of them are packing the 3.8L V6.

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