Nissan Improved Aerodynamics of 2015 Murano by 17%

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMay 11th, 2014


Nissan unveiled the new 2015 Murano last month in New York, and today Nissan Aerodynamics engineer Masaaki Arai explains how Nissan was able to improve the aerodynamics of the new Murano by 17% over the previous generation. Everything from the front grills, to the shape of headlights and taillights and rear spoiler all contribute to reducing drag to improve fuel economy. Nissan Design Sculptor Sadatoshi Kitano explains how difficult it was to design the Murano to not only be striking and instantly recognizable while at the same time focusing on a design that reduces drag.

I think they did very well in my books on the design side. I love the look of the new Murano and the fact they were able to reduce drag by 17% while doing so is icing on the cake.

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