Honda Brings New Civic Concept to New York

Posted by: Kenny Chan onApril 1st, 2015


Many Honda fanboys were anticipating a Honda Civic Type-R unveiling today in New York but having covered many auto shows in the past, I knew not to have false hopes for vehicles especially when it comes to Honda. They were after all the company that first announced the HR-V by showing a picture of one on the screen and then followed up at the next show after that with Asimo and a motorized self balancing bar stool (haha, not really). Today, they actually brought a vehicle to unveil at their press conference and while it wasn’t the Civic Type-R it was still good news for Honda fans.

They revealed a new Civic Concept that previews what is to come from Honda for the 2016 model year. It had long been rumored that Honda would be expanding the market for the Civic that is available overseas. While Honda hasn’t confirmed that the “euro civic” is in fact coming to North America, they have confirmed that the Civic would now be exported to key markets around the world so we’re just going to assume that means the Civic will now be a global model and that the neutered North American Civic will be no longer. Honda is looking to boost production of their UK plant that churns out these Civic models and they won’t be able to do that without significantly expanding the market that these vehicles ship to. Many are also holding out on the possibility that this means the hot Type-R model will be available in North America.

Now before you get all excited, what you see here is still just a concept of what the next generation Civic coupe will look like when it does arrive here. That means the aggressive front and rear bumpers will be gone. That flattened center exhaust? Gone. Wraparound LED taillights? Gone. The LED matrix headlights? Probably gone. How else will they differentiate the Acura ILX? All this will be moot because the only thing anyone and everyone cares about is that the Civic Type-R is coming to North America! The next year will be an interesting one for Honda fans as Honda is now back in the hot hatch game in North America joining the likes of the GLA, Focus RS, and Golf R. We took a ton of pictures so check out the gallery after the break.

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